Forum Progress - how are we doing?

Consultation underway –¬†our consultation is now open for¬†feedback

With 3 key stages to creating a Neighbourhood Plan, your Forum has almost completed stage 1 and is building an evidence base to support stage 2.

Successful Neighbourhood Plans co-exist alongside the Local Plan – they cannot promote less growth than identified in the Local Plan, but approved plans hold legal status and can be powerful in shaping the Neighbourhood.

Stage 1 - Getting Established
Establish Neighbourhood Forum 100%
Obtain Neighbourhood Forum Status 100%
Build an evidence base 100%
Publicity and Engagement 92%
Stage 2 - Preparing the Plan
Stage 3 - Bringing the Plan into force
Stage 3 0%

About us

The steering group, all volunteers Tony Perryman Chairman), Nigel Holden (Vice Chair), Lindsay Wilkie (Treasurer) and Jason Carlton (Secretary)


We engage through our mailing list, social media, this website and meetings as required


We receive no official funding and are reliant upon donations (financial and practical) to support our work


We are building a range of resources to assist in our work

Future plan

We are gathering evidence now and expect to consult on a neighbourhood plan in 2019

Get involved

We welcome all offers of practical and financial assistance and you can find out more about how to join us here.

This page was last updated on 26/09/18