This content moved to the Clifton Village website on 10 January, 2019

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Why has information moved?

Clifton has a new website, a central point of contact for information

What will happen to this website?

This website will focus on the forthcoming Clifton Village Neighbourhood plan

Has information being deleted?

No, the Clifton Village team have kindly agreed to take on the information when it was transferred to the central website

Who is maintaining the central website?

The Clifton Village team are handling their website, leaving the CVNF to focus on this site

Does this mean more websites to check?

No, the Clifton Village website will include news and updates from all Clifton Village organisations

Will there be another website if we get a parish council?

If Clifton establishes a parish council, it makes sense that the Clifton Village website will be the central point of contact