Leeds Economic Plan

The agency with responsibility for unlocking Leeds City Region’s economic potential is the Leeds Economic Partnership. Through their Strategic Economic Plan they have established a plan to grow the region’s economy over the next twenty years (adding over 35,000 jobs).

Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership

Why the Leeds Economic Plan is important to Calderdale

The Leeds Economic Plan influences all the neighbouring Local Plans including Kirklees and Calderdale. Cllr. Tim Swift (Calderdale Council – Cabinet Leader) is a representative on the LEP board.

What does the Leeds Economic Partnership say about Calderdale's strategic plan?

  • Create a pipeline of new development sites for business: especially around the M62 economic corridor where demand is highest, and to reclaim and revitalise former industrial sites like the Dean Clough Mill complex which created 3,000 diverse new jobs
  • Encourage a culture of enterprise: add to the 6,800 small businesses already in Calderdale’s economy, and encourage entrepreneurship amongst its young population
  • Boost financial resilience: improve efficiency in business and increase house building
  • The district has also set up a revolving investment fund and contributed £1.6 million to support major business development projects across the Leeds City Region.

The Leeds Economic Partnership

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