Clifton Enterprise Zone

Information about the Clifton Enterprise Zone


August 2020 – Site exploration to check ground conditions and for evidence of bat habitats, likely to take 4 – 6 weeks

March 2020 – Hearing to approve the issue of a compulsory purchase order to take possession of the site

Questions to consider

Proposed uses for the site

Proposed site uses

Do you consider the proposed use of the land is the best use for Clifton Village?

The best plan?

Can you think of other uses that would be of greater benefit to Clifton Village?

How sustainable?

Sustainable development is at the heart of new planning requirements!

Economically viable?

Are you confident there is demand for the type of development proposed?

Environmental considerations

Noise Pollution

Will operating hours restrictions be required, including for commercial vehicles delivering/collecting goods? (if distribution / manufacturing use planned)

Air pollution

Will the proposals reduce or increase air pollution?

Light pollution

How will the site be lit, to ensure no light pollution for residents who surround the site?

Surface water / flooding

The loss of greenfield to development with extensive areas of buildings and hardstandings could increase risk of flooding, how will this be mitigated?

Wildlife habitat

How will site development support wildlife?

Ground stability

Is the site stable to accommodate development, including having regards to previous underground mine workings?


Is there any archaeology to preserve?

Highways / transport considerations

Wakefield Road access

Wakefield Road Junction

Is a traffic light (signalled) junction logical and sensible?

M62 traffic flow

Will this slow or improve traffic into and through Brighouse and to and from the M62?

Clifton Common access

Clifton Common rat run

If the site includes a through road to Clifton, what measures will there be to prevent the site becoming a 'rat-run' into Clifton?

Car-parking on Clifton Common

Is loss of car-parking an issue?

The proposals include a new ‘right turn’ traffic island into the site, this will require double yellow lines along the entrance to the new site, prohibiting roadside parking for residents..

General access / transport points

Congestion and air pollution

Du you believe the site access proposals will reduce or increase congestion and air pollution?

Impact on local road network

If the site includes a through road to Clifton, what measures will there be to prevent the site becoming a 'rat-run' into Clifton?

Brighouse railway station access

How easy will it be to walk to the site from Brighouse Railway Station? (Think about the walk from the railway station to all the site). What could the developers do to encourage this?

Sustainable travel to work

How will the development encourage sustainable travel to work (walk/cycling/bus)?

Enterprise Zone news

Meeting announced

Next meeting of the Clifton Village Neighbourhood Forum will be held on Tuesday 14 January at the Clifton Methodist Church, Towngate, Clifton.  At the meeting

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EZ update

Update on EZ hearing The outline planning application for the Clifton Enterprise Zone was heard on Tuesday evening. Our Chairman, Tony Perryman, spoke along with

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EZ update – December 2019

Clifton Enterprise Zone – December update Calderdale Council published details on the hearing for the outline planning application for the Clifton Enterprise Zone. Calderdale’s planning

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